To get FaceTime® working on unofficial carriers, click here for MiTime!

DO NOT buy Pushfix 2.0 to activate FaceTime®, use it to get good certificates, *then* use MiTime

Pushfix 2.0 is designed to fix push notifications ONLY and is compatible with iOS 3.0 through iOS 4.3.3. Pushfix 2.0 is registered for the life of the phone and will be updated as new OS releases become available. For example, I updated it to be compatible with iOS 4 even before the OS was released.

Pushfix 2.0 will NOT fix your WiFi. WiFi loss is caused by a glitch, read HERE

I provide a free YouTube fix that fixes YouTube and activates GPS (but you may have other GPS problems). Info HERE

Even if you have tried applying existing push fixes, this package will get your push working properly. This will fully enable push notifications on your phone.

ALERT! : I am getting a large number of fraudulent transactions when customers pay via eCheck (bank transfer). Recently, 20-30% of all eCheck payments are turning up fraudulent! I regret I am going to have to change my site to only allow the download of Pushfix 2.0 after your payment has CLEARED. This may take up to 5 business days. Previously, I trusted that the payment would come through. I am sorry for the inconvenience, but this must be done to maintain the current price. Instant payment via debit/credit card is not affected at this time.

WiFi ONLY push for those without data plans is now fully supported again. However, you MUST read all of the instructions and complete the troubleshooting tasks.Users with WAP only internet access will need to disable this and use push over WiFi. Push notifications do not work over WAP.

Important: The newest version of Pushfix 2.0 can cure *almost* all cases of the Connect to iTunes error message.

Important: If you have a data plan, DO NOT use SBSettings EDGE toggle to turn push on/off as push will not work. The push service may get confused and can actually cause battery drain. Use Settings -> Notifications -> Off to stop push over EDGE. There is currently no way to temporarily force push to use WiFi.

If you have used Ping! or Ping! Lite with the broken push fix, please unregister your ID in the app before installing my Cydia package. You will also need to uninstall and reinstall the app when finished. Upon reinstall, you will be able to pick the same user ID as long as no one else picked it in the meantime.

Each certificate is good for use on only ONE device. Sharing a certificate will result in incorrect push alerts. The Cydia package will only install your certificate on the registered device. It can be reinstalled on that same device if you ever restore or upgrade the OS.

Important notes for purchasers in certain countries

CountryCarrierSpecial notes
BelizeBTLUnsupported over cell data (low timeouts). WiFi only push with no data OK.
BrazilVivoUnsupported over cell data (low timeouts). WiFi only push with no data OK.
ALL Carriers
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Columbia ComcelUnsupported over cell data (low timeouts, public IP). WiFi only push with no data OK.
France SFRRequires iPhone tariff. Intermittent push on regular data tariff.
GermanyVodafoneUnsupported over cell data (low timeouts). WiFi only push with no data OK.
LebanonMTC TouchRequires GPRS service. It will not work over WAP. It can work over WiFi if you disable your data service (or have no data).
NigeriaMTNUnsupported over cell data (low timeouts). WiFi only push with no data OK.
PakistanALL CarriersSupported. Click here to visit the reseller in Pakistan
PolandPolkomtelUnsupported over cell data (high battery drain, probably no firewall). WiFi only push with no data OK.
UKOrangeRequires iPhone tariff. Intermittent push on regular data tariff.
UKT-MobileIn the past, T-Mobile UK's network has been unstable. I'm unsure of the current state of push notifications over their network.
UST-Mobile$10/mo plan called "Unlimited web for phones" works - tell them you have a Shadow. Other plans (Total Internet, Blackberry) work too but cost more. The T-Zones plan also works at this time. Regardless of plan, you should use the APN internet2.voicestream.com

Keep in mind that the push servers are located in the United States and you need to be understanding if push experiences outages. I am not in control of the push servers nor the internet. My fix only activates the push notification service and I cannot guarantee 100% delivery of messages.

For the new Cydia package, I need the IMEI of your phone to identify it when it downloads the certificate. After initial download, your IMEI is removed from my server and a MD5 hash of your UDID (Unique Device ID) is stored. This MD5 hash cannot be used to identify you directly, it can only be used to verify the identity of the phone when the Cydia package connects to my server.

Just to be clear, the IMEI is a number that identifies the phone hardware, like a serial number. It is not to be confused with the id of your SIM, which is called IMSI - International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI). The IMSI identifies *you* and your account.

To get the IMEI for your phone:

  • Go to the phone app
  • Tap Keypad
  • Dial * # 0 6 # and your IMEI will popup. You need to enter those symbols too!
  • Enter it below and verify that you get a green checkmark.
  • Double check it again.

The checkmark will only show when the IMEI is entered properly. Purchase is not available until it is shown. If your IMEI should happen to be 004999010640000, please click here.

Unique push certificate installed via Cydia package : $5.99 USD via PayPal. You do not need to establish or have a Paypal account to pay. When you click Buy Now, you can click the link that says "Don't have a PayPal account?".

Enter in your IMEI ONLY FOR Pushfix 2.0 not MiTime!

Enter your IMEI:

There will be no email from me. If you pay by credit/debit card or Paypal balance, you can install IMMEDIATELY after payment. Instructions are here :

Bank Transfers need to wait until the payment clears which takes 4-6 business days. You will get an email from Paypal when the payment is completed and then you can install Pushfix 2.0 by following the link above.

Support forum link